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It’s that time of year again! Please get your order in quickly if you wish to receive it before Christmas.

Orders for delivery or collection before Christmas still available - please call to discuss on 01234 851500.

Collections still welcome throughout the holiday during our open hours, see below.


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Nvidia GeForce GTX970 & 980 - 20 Sep 2014

Nvidia Maxwell based GPUs available.

The new Maxwell based GTX 970 and 980 graphics cards from Nvidia have now been added to our range of Gaming PCs.

These new cards bring a new era of extreme performance with very low energy usage; with maximum power usages of 145W for the GTX970 and 165W for the GTX980 you can now run a top-end Gaming computer on a 500W power supply.

As well as better performance and lower power usage, these new cards pack a whole host of new and exciting features such as DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) which allows you to run games at 4K resolution on a 1080P monitor and much more, read more about it on Nvidia's website Here.

Intel i7 X79 systems now replaced with new Intel i7 X99 chipset - 11 Sep 2014

Following the Launch of Intel's new X99 chipset and Haswell-E processors, we have updated all of our previous Intel X79 systems to the new X99 chipset with the new CPUs Excelent choice for a High end PC for Photography Video Editing or Gaming.

The X99 systems now have the feature-packed Asus X99-S motherboard and the option of Haswell-E 5820K or 5930K Six-Core CPUs or the 5960X Eight-Core Extreme CPU.
With this new update to the intel extreme series line-up, the CPUs have a nice base clock increase and more cache, with the ability to overclock them even further while maintaining lower temperatures.
This increase in performance allows for your CPU intensive programs such as photo and video editing and Gaming to push even harder and get the maximum potential from the system.
As well as the CPUs being faster and more efficient, the new X99 chipset has many advances over the, somewhat dated, X79 chipset such as native USB3.0, 10x SATA 6Gb/s ports, as opposed to 2x on X79, and of course support for new DDR4 memory.
DDR4 memory adds a far greater native speed of 2133MHz and uses less energy than current DDR3 modules, meaning it is more energy efficient and can be pushed harder for overclocked modules up to a staggering 3000MHz.

In all the new X99 chipset adds everything that was missing from the X79 chipset and improves upon all of the current features for an all-round performance and feature increase.

Intel's Haswell CPU Refresh and new Z97 chipset - 21 May 2014

Following the new release from Intel of their refreshed Haswell line-up and Z97 chipset, we have changed the Intel i3 i5 i7 CPUs on all of our Intel Performance, Gaming, Video Editing and Value PCs and the Z87 chipset systems have been updated to the new Z97 chipset.

This refresh brings a little extra power at no extra cost! The new refreshed Haswell CPUs run at least .1GHz faster than their previous counterpart and are at the exact same price point. If you're in the market for a new PC, whether it be for general home office use, Photography or Video work, Music production or playback or a beast of a Gaming PC then now is the time to buy!

The new Z97 chipset from Intel builds upon the success of the previouse Z87 chipset to increase performance all-round for a fast, fluid computing experience. The Z97 chipset motherboards also include the addition of SATA Express and an M.2 slot to allow storage bandwidth to exceed the 6Gb/s that SATA 3 currently provides, which will pave the way for new, faster SSD drives in the future.

As well as supporting the Haswell refresh, the Z97 chipset also adds support for the next generation of Intel CPUs, meaning any PC with this chipset in will be hugely future proof and support any new CPUs that Intel will be releasing on the 1150 socket.

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